Chris; Artist, Author and Publisher

Chris' Resume

Christian A. Temple
Character Artist & Modeling
343 Northwest Road
Canterbury, New Hampshire 03224-2020
Mobile Phone 510-654-4611

To obtain a full-time position using digital applications to create and improve visual content.

Technical Qualifications
Software Specialties   Software Familiarity   Platforms
After Effects   Flash 3.0   Windows XP
Maya   Unreal Editor 3   Windows Vista
Photoshop   Z-Brush   Mac OS 10
MS Office    ToonBoom Studio   
Final Cut Pro   Other Adobe CS Suite   

Fine ArtSoftwareOther
Concept Art   3D-Modeling   Analytical Problem Solving
Illustration   Video Editing   Event and Project Planning
Story Boards   Animation   Excellent Communication
Sculpture   Rigging   Prioritization, Organization
Painting   Texturing   

Employment Education
Other Personal Qualifications
Mathematics (algebra), Writing (Technical, Promotional, Storytelling), Quick study, Strong work ethic, Team player, Safety conscious, Responsible.

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